Can A Physical Therapist Specialize In Geriatrics?

Physical therapy is a form of rehabilitation for the physical body from various health conditions.  It is through this medical program that injuries and disorders are managed in order for the body to function back into the normal manner.  Physical therapists are able to work in different settings according to the category they want to focus.  There are eight physical therapy specializations, which this career can work on and one of those is Geriatrics.  This is a type of physical therapy, which handles the patients as they experience the normal aging process.  Read on to know how to become a Geriatric Physical Therapist or Geriatric Certified Specialist.

There are two approaches in acquiring a degree in physical therapy.  You have to understand beforehand that physical therapy requires more than a bachelor’s degree.  A master’s or doctorate degree is necessary to practice in this career.  The first approach is to take up a bachelor’s degree in physical therapy for four years and a master’s degree for two years.  The second approach is a six to seven doctorate program of physical therapy where upon completion a doctor of physical therapy or DPT is given.  Any education path is considered valid as long as the school attended to provides an accredited physical therapy curriculum.  After accomplishing either of the two physical therapy education options, a licensure examination must be passed to practice in this profession.

To be certified as a geriatric physical therapy, the aspiring physical therapist must have work at least 2000 hours in this specialization for the past ten years.  Of the 2000 hours, 500 hours should have been obtained from the last three years.  As physical therapists are licensed professionals, constant renewal should be made and up to date.  This is another requisite to qualify for certification of the geriatric physical therapy specialization.

Geriatric physical therapy is a way to advance the career in physical therapy.  But what is essential in this profession is being able to help the elderly in getting along with their lives without being dependent on someone else.  Eventually they will have to but while they are still able to do normal activities on their own, it is best to guide them through physical therapy.  Other than the exercise program and manual therapy, the physical therapist will also educate them on other ways to remain independent.  This way, adults going into old age can still live a great life and continue to create memories with people they love.


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