Climbing The Ladder To Become A Rehab Therapy Supervisor

In an organization, each department has to have a leader. In surgery, there is the Chief of Surgery. In nursing, there is the Director of Nursing Services. And in medicine, there is the Medical Director. Under them, there has to be deputies to spread the load such as scheduling, staffing, and other managerial tasks. Under the rehabilitation department, there is the Rehab Therapy Supervisor or Rehabilitation Services Supervisor.

The job of the rehab therapy supervisor is to primarily supervise the delivery of therapy to patients in the facility. Tasks include consultation and monitoring the performance of staff. They have to be knowledgeable with a variety of concepts, practices, and procedures in relation to their area and have the managerial skills to boot. Experience plays a key role in this job, as you have to formulate a plan with your team for the optimal amount of care.

Rehab Therapy SupervisorGenerally, this high ranking position needs a license in the area of specialization, such as orthopedics or pediatrics. Moreover, as with any other profession, this requires a bachelor’s degree and roughly 3-5 years of experience in the area of interest. It is advised that students already plan an area of interest early on in their college years. If they are interested in sports medicine, perhaps they can take up sports science as a base and work their way up to their doctorate degree in physical therapy. Currently, rehab therapy supervisors earn around $77,095 to $89,156, largely depending on the company you are working for and the years of experience, you have had.

Getting up the ladder will require more than just knowledge and skills. A good rehab therapy supervisor is one that has good judgment, compassion, good organization, and time management skills. You need good judgment to have the best quality of care. You have to have compassion for the many patients who need you expertise. You need to have good organization to manage the large team under your wing. Moreover, you need to have good time management skills to accomplish all the tasks for the day. In addition, it does not hurt to have good people skills, as you will be dealing with a lot of them.

Physical therapy is a great and rewarding career. It puts a smile on your face to see an old woman take her first steps again. It puts an even bigger smile when patients come back to the facility showing off their gold medal in the Olympics even after a devastating knee injury.


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