Do Physical Therapists Like Their Jobs?

One of the most important factors for any career or job should be the satisfaction of those who are plying their trade there. At least that should be the case, because what’s really the point if you’re miserable in the job that you do each and every day of your life? Therefore, before you begin your journey towards becoming a physical therapist, you need to know whether or not it’s a job that sees a high level of satisfaction.

The quick and simple answer to the question is that yes, physical therapists do like their jobs. A survey was conducted just a few short years ago in 2007 by the National Opinion Research Center, and it found that over 75% of physical therapists reported being “very satisfied” with their jobs. That’s an amazingly high number, and it means that well more often than not, if you’re in physical therapy, you’ll be enjoying the job that you do.

The three quarters of physical therapists who are very satisfied with their jobs and careers makes physical therapy the number 2 career of any kind, in any industry. The only higher rate of satisfaction comes from clergy, and there are no other health care professions in the top 5 of the satisfaction survey.

In fact, U.S. News & World Report added physical therapy to the list of the best careers in 2009, and on, physical therapists ranked in the number 4 position for the 100 Best Jobs in America, featured in November of 2010. Few would have predicted the rise of physical therapy to these lofty positions, but the numbers don’t lie.

There are many different reasons for all of the great opinions on physical therapy these days. For most practitioners, it all starts with how rewarding it is to be helping so many people each day, and to really be improving their life. This makes any job more than just a 9 to 5, but a really positive and worthwhile experience, where you’re making a difference hands on.

But in addition to that, physical therapists also bring in very high salaries, which makes the positions financially rewarding as well. Job opportunities are plentiful right now, and many physical therapists end up as their own bosses, working for themselves. Don’t discount the varied collection of responsibilities and day to day makeup of the position. Having a dynamic environment and setting like this will keep you on your toes and will prevent you from getting too bored or bogged down.

The bottom line is that physical therapists do indeed like their jobs very much. The numbers show that more than 75% of physical therapists not only like their jobs, but are very satisfied with them, and that’s a rare level that few other careers can even come close to matching. From the intrinsic rewards of helping individuals and improving their levels, to high levels of compensation, a diverse and dynamic work experience and more, physical therapy can and does make almost everyone very happy.

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