Do Physical Therapists Work With Doctors In Hospitals?

Every medical professional present in a healthcare facility has that obligation to work hand in hand so that quality patient care will be provided efficiently. Without that coordination and teamwork established, it is impossible to achieve that goal. Between the roles of physical therapists and doctors in the hospitals, this connection between these practitioners in the healthcare facility are clearly evident, and thus, they unite to make sure the aim of quality patient care.

Working alongside a doctor is not always a privilege, especially for someone outside the medical field. A physician is someone who provides the utmost patient care as he has the ability to practice the profession of medicine. His concern focuses on maintaining, promoting and restoring human health through an assessment, diagnosis and treatment of illness, injury and other impairments. The physician often opts to specialize in a certain field of study where he will be more known to practice and provide care to that specific group, or assume an obligatory role of giving complete medical care to individuals, families and communities in general.

The physician works hand in hand with the nurses, physical and occupational therapists, and other members of the healthcare field present in the hospital to which they are applicable to the current condition of the patient. A physical therapist, on the other hand, is a healthcare professional that focuses on the rehabilitation of known disabilities and impairments in the promotion of functional ability, mobility and capacity to live a quality way of life through a thorough examination, evaluation and appropriate physical treatment.

Physical Therapists When a patient is admitted into a hospital, nurses are often the first to attend to the needs of the patient. There a physician comes in and conducts an in-depth assessment of the patient, including past medical history and how the patient came into the healthcare facility. As treatment has been prescribed and the condition of the patient continues to progress, the physician may ask for the services of a physical therapist, who can come in and provide the right rehabilitative exercises suitable to the patient.  A therapist looks at the health status of the patient and appropriates it with the activities needed as tolerated for the patient. From there, the therapist can provide feedback to the physician on improvement and other concerns, including follow-up care and adjustment of activities.

A simple communication breakdown between the physician and physical therapist can mean the difference of helping a patient recover from his condition from not being able to do so. This also applies to other members of the health care field working in the hospital. To work cooperatively is a great sign of teamwork that provides service to man.


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