Employment and Job Outlook for Physical Therapists

Individuals considering physical therapy as a career and as an educational path should first know more about the industry and the state of the profession as a whole. Taking a look at the job outlook and projections, employment opportunities and more, will enable you to get a clearer sense of what it’s all about, and whether now is the right time to dive into the field. Take a look at these statistics and key pieces of information and see for yourself why physical therapy is becoming so popular these days.

The job outlook overall for physical therapists is actually really strong. The latest figures come from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and they show that from 2008 to 2018, there is an expected growth of 30% for physical therapists. This is a much faster than average rate of growth, and it shows just how many job opportunities are going to be out there for prospective physical therapists with the correct education and training. The 30% gain in employment in the field corresponds to over 56,000 new jobs projected.

Besides knowing the rate of growth and number of jobs that will be created, it’s also important to take a moment to see where those jobs may be located exactly. For example, today about 60% of physical therapists either work in hospitals or work in the offices of health practitioners.

That’s a majority, however, it shows that there are still 40% of the field working elsewhere, with some people may not realize. Different settings therefore include nursing care and outpatient care centers, rehabilitation centers, physicians offices, the healthcare services industry, adult day care, home healthcare, schools, private practices and even more.

With all of these new jobs and so many different, specific places you could end up working in as a physical therapist, some might worry that the salaries for this career aren’t very high, but the opposite is actually true. The median annual wage for physical therapists in 2008 was nearly $73,000, with the top 10% of the field earning more than $104,000, and the lowest 10% of the field still bringing in $50,000.

The exact salaries that were brought in vary depending on where you work. The highest median annual wages were for home healthcare services at $77,500, followed by nursing care facilities at $76,500, hospitals at $73,000 and on down the line from there.

Not all careers can boast of the amazing job growth and the varied job opportunities that physical therapy can. In fact, few other careers can even come close right now. That makes today the perfect time to get involved with an exciting career as a physical therapist. With the right education backing you up, you can be on your way to enjoying high salaries, and a wide range of different job opportunities and employment potential awaiting you.

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