Employment Opportunities For Foreign-Educated Physical Therapists

A lot of licensed physical therapists working in the country today actually earned their degrees abroad or in other countries with great physical therapy education programs. Sometimes, aspiring physical therapists chose to study abroad because the physical therapy program offered abroad better suits their needs, the school is reputable in terms of their physical therapy education programs, or the cost of college education in that country is much affordable.

Whatever the reason for studying abroad, any physical therapy graduate have the chance to work in the US by complying with the state and national requirements especially the licensure requirements. After complying with these requirements, foreign-educated licensed physical therapists can be allowed to work just like those licensed PTs educated in the country.

Foreign-Educated Physical TherapistsA lot of physical therapists want to work in major countries like the United States because of the great job opportunities open for them plus pay is also considerable higher compared to other countries. A significant increase in demand for physical therapists is expected to occur in the coming years, specifically from 2010 to 2020 because of many factors such as increasing population especially the population of baby boomers. Enhancements in medical and health technologies will also contribute to the increasing demand for physical therapists. With the expected 37% increase in job opportunities for physical therapists in the country in the coming years, a lot of licensed physical therapists definitely come to the country to take advantage of the great opportunities.

Some of the industries or work areas that will need more physical therapists are acute hospitals, home care facilities, orthopedic centers, and skilled nursing facilities. These health facilities usually cater to the elderly people but they also cater to other age groups depending on the physical therapy care and treatments patients need. Compared to the misconception that the increasing job opportunities will come from the urban and suburban regions, most of the physical therapy jobs will come from the rural areas because most physical therapists are already highly concentrated in the cities and metropolitan areas.

With the increasing population in the rural areas and the development of their communities, better and more efficient health services will also be needed leading to the increasing employment opportunities for physical therapists in the rural areas. Salaries may vary from region to region but in general, physical therapists are some of the highest paid health care professionals in the health industry making the profession really enticing for the aspiring future physical therapists.


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