Explore Endless Career Opportunities With A Doctorate Degree In Physical Therapy

Do you want to get ahead in your career in physical therapy? Every working professional aims for career advancement and this can only be possible if you add some qualifications to your name. What employers will look for is a higher-level degree plus years of experience. If you really want to get ahead in your career and explore career opportunities that seemed so unreachable before, you have to get yourself a doctorate degree in physical therapy.

Physical therapy is all about treatment patients who are injured or needs physical strengthening. Injuries like sprains, arthritis and neck injuries are often treated by physical therapy. Physical therapy aims to rehabilitate patients for them to regain mobility and to be able to perform daily activities like what they did before. To become a physical therapist, one has to earn a master’s degree in physical therapy. Of course, a license should be obtained too. In this situation, you will just have the same career opportunities as the other physical therapists in your line of work. If you want to get ahead, you have to earn a higher-level degree.

A doctorate physical therapy degree program will last from 4-6 years. Entry-level doctorate degree is what most physical therapists pursue. It is important to get into a good physical therapy school with complete curriculum and coursework. The degree program should have a balance between classroom education and clinical work. To get into the program, the physical therapist should have a high score in the graduate examination or GRE. You should have completed coursework on subjects like chemistry, biology, psychology and physics. Anyhow, requirements will change from school to school.

The doctorate program will be tough because this will be the highest form of training you will get. The basic doctorate physical therapy degree program will include courses in pathology, biology, anatomy, behavioral science, radiology and pharmacology. The physical therapist will have to study law an ethics, business and management and clinical reasoning courses too. The doctorate program has a strong focus on clinical sciences, which means that you will take on neuromuscular, cardiovascular and gastrointestinal biology.

There is another path to earning a doctorate degree, which will take 7 years to complete. The long years of studying will be greatly rewarded. Physical therapists who earn this type of degree are the highest paid physical therapists and it gives you the chance to branch out into physical therapy specializations. With a doctorate degree in physical therapy, enjoy endless career opportunities.


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