Get Your Career Started As A Physical Therapist The Right Way

Do you have what it takes to be a Physical Therapist? Alternatively, are you still considering a career in Physical Therapy? Being a physical therapist is not an easy job.  It needs a lot of determination, perseverance, patience, and devotion to become one. Nevertheless, if you possess these characteristics, then you are apt to become a Physical Therapist. However, do you know how to become one?

The first thing you need to do is to have an Associate Degree in Physical Therapy. It is advisable that you get science course that may include biology, anatomy, physiology, chemistry, and physics. This will help you prepare for later study.

Then, you need to complete a master’s degree or doctorate in Physical Therapy. A master’s degree program usually takes two to three years of study, while Doctorate takes three to four years. Both include clinical experience, supervision, laboratory and classroom lessons in anatomy, physiology, diagnostics, chemistry, behavioral science, and medical screening.

After completing the graduate school, you need to have your residency. A residency program is having one thousand and five hundred hours of clinical practice within nine to thirty-six months. Residents are permitted to diagnose and examine the physical condition of the patient under the supervision of a licensed Physical Therapist.  Residents are also allowed to contribute about the treatment plan, medical research, evaluation, and provide health teachings to the patient.

Once residency is completed, you can now apply for a license. All Physical Therapists are required to have a licensed provide by the State to practice their profession. However, requirements to obtain a license may differ from one State to another. This licensure examination tests the future physical therapist regarding their competency and knowledge about theories, principles, practice and consultation in relation with Physical Therapy. Most States require Physical Therapists to continue their education through seminars and training for them to renew their license.

Physical Therapists have the option to continue their study and education regarding the area of specialty. Each specialty differentiates one therapist to another. Field of specialization may include cardiovascular and pulmonary therapy, sports medicine, biomechanics, neurology, pregnancy, geriatrics, pediatrics, and orthopedic physical therapy. Each specialization have different approaches but with the same goal.

Being a Physical Therapist is not just a job. It requires empathy and understanding of what the patient is going through in order to succeed and achieve goal. Furthermore, it requires excellent physical condition to perform their responsibilities and provide optimum service to those who are in need.


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