Income Growth Potential For Physical Therapists

Physical therapists are those that work as part of the health care services in a community.  But these therapists are not just confine in the hospital setting.  Various areas require the expertise of the physical therapists and these include schools, homes, sporting and many others.  This makes the physical therapist not just an in demand medical profession but the need for them is increasing.  And when a profession is getting popular then the earning capacity becomes higher to attract many and aspire being this kind of therapist.

Entry-level position of a physical therapist earns an annual income at $58,409.  This is the average for those who have one year or less experience in the actual practice as physical therapist.  The salary adjusts with time where physical therapists having one to four years experience receive yearly pay at $60,705 on average.  Those that have more than five years under their belt but less than ten years have median salary at $68,134.  Ten years of being a physical therapist makes an annual average at $72,256.  Then those having more than twenty years practicing as physical therapists take home $74,235.

These salaries are based on average, which can be affected to the area where the physical therapist is working.  This means the income can be influenced by how the city is urbanized, the demand for physical therapists in an area as well as the industry where the therapists work and specialize.  One that paid high is in the sporting teams, as players need to be on their tip-top shape always.  Even if the players are injured, physical therapists have to ensure that they are given the proper therapy to do their play again.

Physical therapists who then gain enough experience through their jobs and taking up specializations can move to another level.  Some physical therapists find it a great opportunity to establish their own home clinics.  This can provide a more flexible time to practice their craft and enable them to work from their homes as well.  Doing so will be advantageous for those with growing families and need to attend to the needs of the family without eliminating their profession.  What’s more having your own clinic will increase the income from being an employed physical therapist.  More often than not, great physical therapists build their clientele and their clinics over time giving way for expansion.  Those that own their clinic average an annual income at $120,000.  You can achieve financial freedom with career opportunities in physical therapy.


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