Know The Steps To Take To Become A Physical Therapist

If being a physical therapist is your goal then you should start making a plan on how to achieve this goal. A career in physical therapy is an excellent choice today because of the high demand for it. To become one, preparation should start in the latter years of your high school.  To get in a physical therapy degree program, you will need to submit a college application and make sure that you pass all the requirements needed.

In applying for a physical therapy degree program, you should have a good academic record back in high school. You must construct a well-written essay and garner a good score in your ACT or SAT. Participation in volunteer work, community service and other extracurricular activities will be a huge plus. Getting a recommendation for your teachers and mentors will be needed too. Why is the college asking you for all of these? It is because physical therapy degree program only gets students who pass the requirements. Working in the healthcare industry is a serious job and physical therapy schools want to make sure that the students applying have great potential in this field.

When you get accepted in the program, the next step to do is complete your education. A bachelor’s degree in Physical Therapy will take 4 years. You will undergo extensive training through these years. The program will include classroom lectures as well as actual application. Your coursework will include important subjects in PT like physics, physiology, anatomy, chemistry, social and behavior science, math and biology. By your last year in college, you will be part of an internship program and will have to complete the required hours. If you have finished all the coursework requirements, you can earn your degree right away.

After earning your degree, you can decide to start working or continue studying. You can pursue a master’s degree, which will last for 2 years. After that, you will have to take the National Physical Therapy Examination. This test is a computer-based exam that takes 5 hours to complete. All the sections contain multiple-choice questions. It is a must that you pass this exam.

Once you pass the NPTE, you can now practice being a physical therapist. There may be huge steps to take to become a physical therapist but you need the education and training. The job responsibilities of a physical therapy are important in providing healthcare services to the physical disabled and impaired. It is your job to provide them with the proper treatment program to help them regain mobility once again.


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