Neurological Physical Therapy: Deals With People Suffering From Neurological Damage

If you think that physical therapy is all about physical functioning, you are wrong. Physical therapy can also help patients who suffer from neurological damage. If the patient suffers from neurological disorders, his physical movements will be directly affected. It is very important to seek professional patient care immediately before things get worse. Neurological physical therapy deals with patients who needs to recover form head trauma and brain neurological disorders.

How To Start A Career In Neurological Physical Therapy

Do you want to become a neurological physical therapist? Follow these steps:

  • Complete a bachelor’s degree on any science-related field. Although a science-based major is not a requirement to enter physical therapy school, the foundation of science will be very important in your post-graduate education.
  • Find schools that will offer neurological physical therapy residencies. Consult with the administrative department regarding the admissions requirements. Choose the top schools you want to apply in and submit your applications complete with the requirements. It will be best to check the school’s affiliation with hospitals and placement rates.
  • After completing your degree in neurological physical therapy, it is time to get your state license. Pass the licensing exam and you can start your career. Some neurological physical therapist opts to study a doctorate degree to get more training in the field. Moreover, you may want to get a specialist certification after a year or two. This certifies that you are a neurological clinical specialist will show that you are a true professional. You will take another physical therapy exam and a completion of clinical work hours is necessary.

The Focus Of Neurological Physical Therapy

How To Start A Career In Neurological Physical TherapyIf you aspire to be a neurological physical therapist, you must know what this field of physical therapy is all about. As a neurological physical therapist, you are to encourage your patients to achieve health, wellness and an enhanced quality of life despite suffering from an injury in the nervous system. Part of your duty is to rehabilitate stroke victims, patients with degenerative diseases and those with injuries in the spine. Another focus of neurological physical therapy is to help the patient gain a state of independence. You will employ therapy techniques enabling patients to re-learn their physical and cognitive abilities.

Neurological Physical Therapy Salary

The average salary of a neurological physical therapist in the U.S. is around $86,700. Starting salary for newly graduates of neurological physical therapy is around $71,400. The salary will increase as you gain more work experience. Some of the longtime working neurological physical therapists can earn as much as $102,000.


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