Physical Therapist Salary – How Much do Physical Therapists Get Paid?

Most people don’t join a particular profession for the salary that they will be able to obtain, but nevertheless, knowing the kind of physical therapist salary that you can expect once you’re in the field is very useful. It might not be the key reason why you pursue a particular option, but it is good to know, and may either support what you want to do or lead you to looking into another option. So how much do physical therapists get paid, and what can you expect to see from your physical therapy salary once you join the field as a professional?

The best place to begin when examining the physical therapist salary levels which are currently available is with the latest data provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics and their Occupational Employment Statistics information. The latest data available is from a May 2010 survey, and it shows that a physical therapy salary is not only very high, it has been on the rise in the past few years.

The median annual wage for physical therapists is currently $76,310. Meanwhile, the upper 25% of the field earns $90,350, and the upper 10% of the field earns over $107,920! Those are very high numbers, and even the bottom 10% of the field earns $53,620. That means that when you’re a brand new professional, even regardless of other geographic or industry factors, that’s the worst you can do, and that’s excellent and offers great growth potential from there.

With the wide range of information available, we can dive even further into the physical therapy salary levels which are available today. One way to dissect this data is to look at the different industry or workplace settings for physical therapists and the salaries that each has. The most common place of work for physical therapists is in the office of health care practitioners, and an annual mean wage here is $76,860, virtually the exact same level as the physical therapist salary found in general hospitals.

But in other settings, the salary can vary widely. For example, with home health care services, the annual mean physical therapist salary  raises to $86,590, and for individual and family services, the mean annual salary is $81,970. Although a tiny fraction of physical therapists work in the field of management and technical consulting services, those who do earn the highest mean wage of any professionals in the field, earning $91,220.

Location is another very important factor for determining your physical therapy salary. Therapists in Alaska bring home the highest annual mean wage, at $92,720, followed by New Jersey at $87,720, Texas at $86,390, Delaware at $86,360 and Maryland at $84,960. Competition in the field as well as cost of living and doing business are factors that may geographically affect your salary.

Hopefully by now you have a good sense of the physical therapist salary that you can expect to find in the field. As you can see, salaries here can be quite high, and will be another wonderful benefit of joining a profession which is already so rewarding and offers great job satisfaction across all fronts. Know that you know the physical therapy salary you’ll be able to obtain, it’s the perfect time to get started with your education and take the next step towards your bright, new career.

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