Physical Therapy Career Options And Job Outlook

Job outlook is one of the main considerations to think of when deciding what degree to take and what career to pursue. With the difficult economic conditions affecting various countries in the world, finding a good job with good wages can be quite hard especially with the tough job market competition faced by job hunters and fresh graduates today. One great career people can consider today is physical therapy. This healthcare profession is expected to be more in demand in the coming years making it a good career option for college students and professionals looking for a career change.


Career Options for Physical Therapists in Various Work Settings


  • Nursing Homes and Extended Care Facilities

This industry is one of the main work settings that will require more licensed physical therapists in the coming years due to the increasing population of aging baby boomers. With the advancement in medical technologies, more elderly patients will also be able to age longer requiring more services especially in long-term nursing care facilities.


  • Skilled Nursing Care Facilities

Physical Therapy CareerAlmost the same with nursing homes but more advanced in a way that skilled nursing care facilities do not only have physicians and nurses but they also hire physical therapists and other medical professionals usually not working in regular nursing homes. With the growing number of elderly population, more skilled nursing care facilities will be established increasing the demand for healthcare professionals like physical therapists.


  • Outpatient Clinics and Private Offices

This is also one of the top industries opening more job opportunities for future physical therapists. Aside from the increasing population and growing number of aging baby boomers, more people are now actually aware of the importance of good health and alternative medical options. Physical therapy centers and clinics will need more licensed physical therapists in the coming years in order to cater to the increasing demand for physical therapy care especially in the industrial and commercial work settings.


  • Fitness and Wellness Centers, Sport Facilities

This is a good career option for future physical therapists since more people are now aware of the proper ways to maintain good health, which includes regular exercise and fitness programs. A lot of people will need health experts like physical therapists in improving their lifestyle and to prevent health problems. Aside from fitness centers, physical therapists can find job as personal sports physical therapist to individuals and professional athletes.


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