Physical Therapy Job Openings – Where To Find It

One of the many benefits of being a Physical Therapist is there are various job opportunities to choose. Physical Therapy is a healthcare profession that handles patients with physical disabilities, impairments, disorders, diseases, health issues, and changes in the overall physical function. Its primary concern is to restore independence and physical wellness of an individual.

Job Opportunities For A Physical Therapist

Hospital Setting

Hospital setting is considered as one of the most common places where a physical therapist works. Here, physical therapists deal with continuous treatment, recovery and restoration of health. They diagnose, plan, and evaluate the physical status of the patient. They also have a direct interaction with their patient during therapy sessions. They work together with the physician and other medical professionals.

Home Health Care Services

Home care setting is another where a physical therapist works. Here, the physical therapist goes to the house of the patient who needs therapy and treatment. Patients who are unable to go to a rehabilitation center or hospital are the ones that physical therapists provide their services. Doctors refer their patients who are in need of physical therapy to physical therapist. A physical therapist then diagnoses, assesses the condition of the patient, and devises a program that is suitable for the patient. Evaluation and progress report for each patient is also a part of the job description of a physical therapist.

Rehabilitation Center

Rehabilitation center is where patients go to if they are in need of continuous rehabilitation and physical treatment. Physical therapist works with other healthcare professionals such as Occupational Therapist, Speech Therapist, and Respiratory Therapist. In a rehabilitation center, all therapists work hand in hand and act as a team to achieve the maximum physical wellness of the patient.


A physical therapist may also work in a school setting. In here, they are to teach and supervise physical therapy students. They handle lessons, training, and teaching of students who want to become physical therapist. They create lesson plans in accordance with the curriculum and Physical Therapy program. They also assist students in their clinical practices as well as during training course.

Nursing Care Facility

Physical therapist may also work in nursing care facilities. They help and assist elderly people to attain high level of physical functioning and health. They evaluate the physical condition of the patient and formulate a program appropriate for the patient such as exercise program and physical activities to maintain physical fitness.


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