Physical Therapy Jobs With Promising Futures

It has been proven that professionals in the medical field are open to various job opportunities in their native country or abroad. This is due to the increasing demand of people, healthy or ill, that seek medical advice, consultation and treatment. These professionals may have different fields of expertise, but it makes sense that only a few of them will have a promising future ahead of them. One of which is the job of a physical therapist.

Basically, what a physical therapist does is he deals with weakening injuries that can impair a patient’s ability to maintain an optimum level of functioning. This work entails much on relieving pain, improving mobility, and preventing further disease or injury. In other words, these physical therapists try to promote fitness and health to their clients as best as they can. If you plan to become a therapist yourself, you will have to take up a college degree on physical therapy and take the licensure examination of a nation in order to practice the profession. From then on, you may choose to generalize your practice or specialize in pediatrics, geriatrics, orthopedics, sports medicine, and so on.

A career as a physical therapist has been chosen as the top pick for future job growth according to the US Federal Department of Labor. Moreover, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it is expected to grow much faster than the average, with the employment predicted to grow around 30% from 2008-2018. It is even faster than the average for the other occupations in the United States.

With the rise of physical therapy, job openings for these professionals will surely abound them. The demand for their services will come from the baby boomer generation who will soon need cardiac and physical rehabilitation. This rapidly growing population is vulnerable to chronic and debilitating conditions. Now that medical and technological advancement have given clients a higher probability of survival from accidents and traumatic injuries, there will be that need for ongoing rehabilitative care.

Job opportunities are expected to be good for licensed physical therapists in almost all settings, especially in hospital and orthopedic areas, where treatment of the elderly is mostly done. Outpatient offices and nursing homes can also employ physical therapists. Self-employed therapists may work with a variety of patient populations through referral sources or contracts with other companies. Not only are the job opportunities abundant for these therapists, but so is their compensation, with an annual median salary of $75,081. With a promising future ahead of these physical therapists, they will be sure to make noise in the near future in the name of service for fellowmen.


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