What Are The Specialist Types Of Physical Therapists?

The healthcare industry has shown so much improvement over the past few years. This is of course in light of the increasing demand for various healthcare services. It is safe to say also that the need for such expert services is one great contributing factor for the expansion of the different fields of medical care. Doctors these days are actually required to have specializations in order to address the specific medical treatments required by people. As a matter of fact, even physical therapists need to have their own specialization.

Now there are a number of areas of specialization in the field of physical therapy. Below are some of the most popular and accredited clinical residency specialization programs.


Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Physical Therapy

This aspect of physical therapy is centered on the specific treatment of various cardio respiratory dysfunction and illnesses. Physical therapists with this specialization are often seen handling cases related to post operative heart disease. With the advent of respiratory therapy, it seems that this area of PT specialization will be considered independent. Respiratory therapy is intended exclusively for the treatment of patients with respiratory problems only.


Geriatric Physical Therapy

This field of specialization focuses on the elderly age group. Therapists that specialize in this field are required to have knowledge of the treatments for conditions like cancer, heart diseases, diabetes, COPD and obesity among others. In addition, these therapists are responsible for making treatment plans for such conditions while at the same time taking into consideration medications, contraindications and comorbidities that are related to the elderly age group.


Clinical Electrophysiology

This is the area of PT specialty that deals exclusively with research. Having a certification in this program allows a therapist to conduct studies in relation to nerve conduction and intramuscular stimulation. There are very few positions in research so you have to be more informed before choosing this area of specialty.



Physical therapists with this specialty area get further instruction and training on pathologies like Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, spinal cord injuries as well as mental retardation. These conditions are in fact given a different treatment compared to any kind of orthopedic condition.


Women’s Health

This is a relatively new addition to the specialty areas of physical therapy. Specialists in this area are the ones who treat women’s conditions that are connected to the genital area of women. More often than not, patients with these conditions are more comfortable having female therapists treating them. But this doesn’t mean that male therapists will not be able to specialize in this field.

Pediatric Physical Therapy

Therapists specializing in pediatrics obtain higher levels of education on the treatment of conditions like neurological and congenital orthopedic pathologies as well as other conditions that may affect children in various age brackets. Most of the time, the children who receive care from these therapists need regular therapies for several years.


Sports Physical Therapy

PTs with this specialty are often employed by sports clubs, both amateur and professional. There are sports PTs who also run their own clinics that specialize on the prevention and treatment of injuries on athletes.


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