The Exciting Field Of Home Health Care Physical Therapy

The world of healthcare has slowly been expanding. Technology and various political reforms have played a part in providing the best possible care there is to patients. The trend these days is to go back home. Patients now stay at home where they get the highest level of comfort; as compared to staying the musky hospital, dull and uninteresting. Patients have their family round the clock to support them, have multiple comfort measures at home such as television and computers, and have that same level of care. Nurses use telemetry devices to monitor patients from the hospital and doctors use their iPhones to communicate and make quick assessments on the patient.

The physical therapist however is on a different plane of existence. Manual therapy is a mainstay of the profession and for that treatment to be performed, you have to be right in front of your patient. Home health care physical therapists are typically employed by agencies that dispatch them to adult day care facilities or homes on a contractual basis. 27% of these physical therapists work part time, giving you a sense of the freedom that they get.

Home Health Care Physical Therapy

Home health care physical therapy is a big help most especially to disabled and elderly patients. Disabled patients who may not be able to or have a hard time in commuting to the facility are visited regularly by physical therapists to help them get better. Elderly patients too who may not have someone to accompany them to the hospital may as well relax on the sofa in front of the boob tube waiting for the physical therapist to arrive.

Career In Home Health Care Physical Therapy

Career In Home Health Care Physical TherapyCurrently, the area of home health care physical therapy employs up to 20,000 physical therapists. There will be a 30% increase of this employment by the year 2018, meaning another 6,000 physical therapists is to be hired. But with ObamaCare and other health care reforms coming in, that figure is predicted to grow much higher. Home health care physical therapists earn on average $83,500 per year or $40.14 per hour, much higher than its hospital-based counterparts who earn on average $76,310 per year or $36.69 per hour.

If you are bored with the monotonous atmosphere of the hospital, why not give home health care physical therapy a shot. It will definitely bring up a lot of job opportunities and give you a slight sense of adventure as you move from patient to patient through the day.


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