What Are The Duties Of A Geriatric Physical Therapist?

Have you always wanted to make a difference in the world by helping people become healthy? If there are people who really need help from healthcare professionals then that is the aging population. They have lived for more than 60 years and their age has taken its toll on their bodies. They are physically weak and fragile. Their bodies are more susceptible to sickness, which is why they need care and attention. If you are someone who wants to help the elderly become stronger and continue being healthy, you should become a geriatric physical therapist.

A geriatric physical therapist is very different from a geriatric nurse. A geriatric nurse is focused on providing care to the elderly who cannot take care of themselves anymore. Geriatric nurses provide assistance as well as help in the prevention of further health problems. On the other hand, a geriatric physical therapist is focused on the physical well-being of the elderly. They are focused on helping the elderly become physically stronger and continue performing daily activities. This independence will help the elderly feel good about themselves. It will keep them emotionally and mentally strong too.

A geriatric physical therapist’s main duty is to look out for the physical health of the aging population. This includes evaluating and examining their physical conditions to determine the course of action to be taken. The elderly are not physically strong anymore and their endurance and stamina has gone down significantly too. Geriatric physical therapists have to adjust their therapy programs to match the needs of their elderly patients. Therapy program will include physical activities and exercises. The geriatric physical therapist can work in the hospital, private clinic, rehabilitation center, nursing homes and private homes.

Not everyone is meant to be a geriatric physical therapist. There should be genuine passion and love in working with the elderly. This is a challenging job because the older people tend to be more irritable and demanding. They can easily complain if they feel pain and they are not that motivated anymore. A geriatric physical therapist should be ready to treat the elderly and be prepared to face elderly patients with different attitudes. A geriatric physical therapist should always be patient and motivating to help their patients go through the therapy program.

A career as a geriatric physical therapist is very rewarding emotionally and financially. This is a career that will bring you job satisfaction every day. Seeing the elderly in tip-top shape because of your help will bring job satisfaction on your part.


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