Admission Requirements In Various Physical Therapy Schools

Physical therapy is a popular career nowadays because of the good opportunities offered in this career. In order to be a physical therapist, students must be prepared and be sure to meet the necessary requirements to enable them to be admitted in various physical therapy schools. Various schools have varying requirements therefore it is important to research the physical therapy education programs that suit your educational needs, inquire for the admission requirements, and complete any course required for the PT programs you have chosen.

It is also important to take college courses that are prerequisites in admission for physical therapist courses or programs. You can check the Physical Therapist Centralized Application Service or PTCAS to check the prerequisites for different PT education programs. You can also check PTCAS to know the courses required by different institutions. The common courses required by most institutions are anatomy, physiology, biology, chemistry, psychology, kinesiology, math, humanities, social science, English composition and medical terminology.

Physical Therapy Schools There are other admission requirements aside from the subjects and courses that are usually imposed by physical therapy schools and colleges. One of the requirements is the minimum GPA or grade point average. The minimum GPA scores may vary by institution. Another requirement is to complete the Graduate Record Examination. GRE also includes minimum acceptable scores and may also vary by institution. A lot of PT programs require applicants to have physical therapy volunteer experience or paid experiences with patients in hospitals or physical therapy clinics. The experience can play an important factor in the admission process. A lot of PT programs require one to 4 letters of reference. Letter of reference is also known as letters of recommendations or evaluations which is part of the admission process.

Some PT programs may or may not require applicants for an interview. But for those that requires, they require the applicants to speak with a single student, faculty member, or group of interviewers. Other PT education programs prefer in-state students than non-resident or out of state students. Do take note that foreign applicants may not be accepted. Alternatively, they may take their chances with the limited positions available. Criminal background checks is also a part of PT programs admissions. A criminal record will not necessarily mean a disqualification or prevention of admission but failure to disclose any criminal records will be grounds for dismissal. Sometimes drug test are also part of the criminal background checks for pt admissions.


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