Continuing Education Courses And Workshops For Licensed Physical Therapist

Continuing education is a common requirement usually mandated to all professionals especially in the healthcare and medical industry. Professional licensed physical therapists must take a continuing education course or program in order to renew their license and improve their knowledge and skills needed on their chosen field. The courses and the specific year period a physical therapist must renew license and have their continuing education depends on the country or state they are employed in. In most states, physical therapy license renewal is required every two years.

There are many ways to get a continuing education unit. One is by enrolling in courses offered by accredited universities and schools. Another option is to look for professional organizations and agencies that are authorized to provide CEU for licensed physical therapists. Aside from continuing education units and courses, physical therapists can also attend national conventions and workshops in order to improve their skills and knowledge in physical therapy.

Professional Organizations In The Us Providing Continuing Education Units For Licensed Physical Therapists

  1. APTA – American Physical Therapy Association

This professional organization offers a wide range of physical therapy continuing education units. Most of the courses are offered with a fee but the cost is greatly reduced if you are a member of the organization. There are also some few free CEU courses but only available for APTA members. Online courses are also available making CEU easier to accomplish for already working professional licensed physical therapists.

  1. Regional Physical Therapy Associations

There are a lot of accredited and recognized physical therapy organizations in the United States. These regional professional organizations also offer accredited CEU courses for licensed physical therapists wanting to gain continuing education units for license renewal purposes. Examples are:

  • CPTA – California Physical Therapy Association
  • NYPTA – New York Physical Therapy Association

Top Accredited Universities And Schools In The Us Offering Physical Therapy CEU Courses

  • University of South Florida
  • University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences
  • University of California

Some of the general courses in physical therapy continuing education programs offered by the APTA are Geriatrics, Health Policy, Acute Care, Orthopedics, Professional Issues, and Private Practice. If you want to earn your continuing education units and you are already a member of APTA, you can also enroll in free CEU courses. Most of the free continuing education courses offered by APTA are online so it is important to have a good computer and internet connection in order to attend the program.


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