Educational Requirements For Physical Therapists

Jobs in the health care services are in demand nowadays.  This is especially true for the physical therapy career.  Aside from the fact that there is an increase in the aging population to take care, the younger generation is becoming more conscious of their health.  It is through the work of the physical therapist that the elderly are able to learn to do normal activities as they age.  In addition, the youngsters are taught how to increase strength and endurance to stay active in their life.  A physical therapist is also involved in guiding a patient that has experienced injury to recover properly.  The main responsibility of this job is to enable the body to function as normal as it could.

The path to becoming a physical therapist is not too long to take on like other medical related professions.  Education level should be a master or doctorate’s degree in order to practice the physical therapy profession.  This means that further education is sought after completing a bachelor’s degree.  The bachelor’s degree does not necessarily have to be in physical therapy but the master’s degree must be a physical therapy program.  Before bachelor’s degree in physical therapy is enough to become a physical therapist but today the standard has increased.  Physical therapy can be taken in six years when getting a master’s degree while a doctorate degree takes seven to eight years to complete.

In the physical therapy program, coursework and hands-on training will be given.  Various topics are discussed including therapeutic procedures, human development and biomechanics.  Clinical training is done in the actual physical therapy areas under the supervision of a licensed physical therapist.  After obtaining the master’s degree or doctorate degree, a national examination must be passed to be called a physical therapist.  To start working in a state, a state licensure exam must also be taken to practice as such.  Physical therapists are required to continue education update their knowledge on the new development of physical therapy.

Physical therapists can work in various environments from medical institutions, nursing homes, offices and athletic teams.  Other than being knowledgeable and trained in their craft, the physical therapists must also have great personalities in handling patients.  Good interpersonal skills are a requirement for physical therapists as they deal with different patients on a daily basis.  In addition, as physical therapists are helping patients to become better, they should have the compassion and patience doing their jobs.


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