Being A Physical Therapy Assistant Is A Good Career Move

People have the need to earn money in order to survive life. People are applying for jobs every day but the competitive workforce is making it difficult for people to have jobs. If you are wise, you will look for an industry where there is a job shortage or demand like the healthcare industry. The healthcare field is looking for healthcare professionals to help provide care to patients. One of which is physical therapy assistants.

Do you know that the baby boomer generation has reached the retirement age? What is the repercussion of this situation in society? With the increase in the aging population, more healthcare professionals are needed. The elderly have weakened bodies and they need more attention. Physical therapy assistants will aid physical therapists in treating patients to maintain a healthy physical well-being.

Physical therapists provide therapy programs that include exercises to strengthen the body, maximize range of motion, and improve the overall function of the body. But a physical therapist do not have to do this alone, he has an assistant called the physical therapy assistant or PTA. The PTA helps prepare equipment if needed. The PTA talks to patients and educate them. They keep track of the patient’s progress and must be able to help with clerical work too.

Why is being a physical therapist assistant a good career move? For one, the education and training requirement for a physical therapy assistant takes shorter time. You can become a PTA in just 2 years as opposed to the four or more years of education for a physical therapist. Second, by finishing school earlier, a physical therapist assistant can already start a career in the field of physical therapy. Third, by starting a career early, the physical therapy assistant can earn money. The average annual salary of PTAs is $40,000 to $60,000. Last, if the PTA decides to pursue a higher-level degree, he will have an easier time doing so as coursework will be credited.

A physical therapist assistant can work and study at the same time. This way, he can immediately apply his studies at work. Physical therapist assistants have the opportunity to work with professional physical therapists and see how therapy program are carried out. They also have the advantage of working in different health care institutions like nursing homes, private clinics, hospitals and home health care. By starting a career as a physical therapy assistant, he will build work experience, which is required in applying for higher-level jobs.


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