Guide To Become A Physical Therapist Assistant

To start the physical therapy career, you can take it one-step at a time, as physical therapist requires a master’s degree.  It is true that being a physical therapist assistant can jumpstart work in the field of physical therapy.  Qualifications to be an assistant to the physical therapist are not as extensive as that of the physical therapist.  Read on to able to be guided properly in taking up the physical therapist assistant course.

Start Your Career Build-up As Physical Therapist Assistant In High School

Becoming a physical therapist assistant begin during the high school years.  Take on more science subjects that are related to physical therapy.  Be a diligent student and aim to maintain above average grades in all high school courses.  Volunteer in hospital or physical therapy clinics during your free time.  Summer camps for handicapped children are also available for volunteering during summer breaks.  This will give you a good amount of exposure of the intricacies of this profession.

Gain An Associate Degree In Physical Therapist Assistance

Physical therapist assistants must acquire as associate’s degree from an accredited physical therapist assistant program.  Various schools offer this program so check out the top schools in your area.  The physical therapy assistant program can be completed in two years of full time studying.  On top of the coursework that is given, hands-on training must also be undertaken.  Clinical practicum is part of the second year of this program and is required in order to graduate with an associate’s degree.  A licensure exam must be passed to practice as a physical therapist assistant.

Physical Therapist Assistant Abilities And Skills

Aside from the proper education to be a physical therapist assistant, other skills should be inherent.  To be a great physical therapist assistant, a positive attitude should always be carried around.  Most patients may be at some low point because of their conditions, so physical therapist assistants are the cheerleaders of the patients.  Good communication skills should also be mastered to motivate, encourage, and instruct the patient in doing appropriate exercise at home.  Physical therapist assistants should be physically fit to handle the patients as they may still be struggling in regaining mobility.

There are various healthcare facilities where a physical therapist assistant can work.  Hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and treatment centers are just a few of the settings where physical therapist assistant can practice.  Physical therapist assistants have an annual average income at $46,140.  If you find all these information endearing and is within your interest, then being a physical therapist assistant could be your future career.


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