How Much Are Physical Therapist Aide Earning?

Starting a career in the physical therapy does not necessarily have to follow the conventional education from a bachelor’s degree to masters or doctorate degree.  For those that have lesser budget, one can start the path as a physical therapist aide.  However, this job is nothing like what the physical therapist is doing but the exposure is first hand in the career of this profession.  As the job title suggest, the physical therapy aide is the one who assists the physical therapist in the clinic.  The main responsibility is helping in the physical demands of the clinic as well as allowing the office to run smoothly.

The salary of the physical therapist aide averages at $23,890 annually, which calculates to an hourly rate at $11.49.  The range of the yearly income for a physical therapist aide is between $17,000 and $30,000.  Those who work in the hospital or the nursing home can expect higher pay than the physical therapist aides taking jobs in a doctor’s office can.  The region where the work is pursued can add in the factor for the earning capacity of the physical therapist aide.  This means that those in the city get higher salary than those in the rural areas.

The rate of the physical therapist aide may seem to be on the small side.  But to land in this job has minimal requirements than a physical therapist.  For starters, the minimum education requirement to become a physical therapist aide is a high school diploma or the equivalent.  Make sure that the high school GPA is high as there is competition in getting this job.  Those who took some training course in physical fitness may be given priority in being hired as well as those who have volunteer experiences.  Volunteering in the hospital or clinic will add credentials to the applicant.  This indicates that the aspiring physical therapist aide understands the work involved in the hospital and is willing to do it.

Being a physical therapist aide is a job that jump starts a better career later on.  Some follow this path in order to step up as physical therapist assistant then eventually a physical therapist when there are enough funds to support the degree.  When it comes to following a career path, it is not just about having a passion but being determined to reach it.  No matter the economic situation, when one is fired up to have a good future, then it will definitely be realized.


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