How To Become A Licensed Physical Therapist While Working As A Physical Therapy Assistant

Physical therapists are health care professionals who aid in patient’s rehabilitation after surgery. They also help in treating patients who have been injured by conducting fitness programs. They may entertain patients who seek for professional help in an office or in a hospital. Their services may be either short-term or long-term and this depends on the need of the patient.

Physical therapist assistants, on the other hand, work along with PT’s. They assist physical therapists in completing their responsibilities and tasks such as rehabilitation exercises and other form of therapies. Some people who would like to become a physical therapist opt to work as physical therapist assistants in the beginning of their career. PT assistants are not required to complete a degree in college so this becomes a good option for individuals who are not financially prepared as of the moment. Once you are ready, while working as a physical therapist assistant, you can complete years of classroom education and physical therapy training required for you to get a license.

Entry-level PT’s earn about $53,000 and the rate increases as you gain years of experience. With this figure, no wonder more and more individuals are enticed to pursue a career in physical therapy. Becoming an assistant may be a good stepping-stone for you. Working and studying at the same is not easy but with good time management skills, you can undoubtedly accomplish your goals. To become a certified PT, you need to complete a bachelor’s degree and eventually pass the licensure exam.

There are schools that allow students to finish a degree in physical therapy while keeping a day job. Upon informing the school administration about your situation, they will device a schedule wherein you can attend classes during your free time. It will be an advantage for you if you work as a PT assistant because you will be equipped in advance with hands on field experience. In addition, you can get good recommendations from a physical therapist you are working with now. Recommendations will serve you well once you are done with your studies.

When you are done with your bachelor’s degree in physical therapy, you can become a better PT by pursuing further studies. Master the field by taking up master’s degree and doctorate degree. In choosing a school, make sure that the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE) to secure that quality education accredits it.


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