How To Get A Physical Therapy Assistant Certification

Physical therapists do not work alone in their rehabilitation clinics.  They have supporting staff to handle some responsibilities in the daily routine.  Aside from working with other medical professionals such as occupational therapists, doctors and medical workers they also have physical therapy assistants work for them.  This job is needed in the physical therapy clinic is that of the physical therapy assistant.  The physical therapy assistants are those provide patient treatments under the supervision of the licensed physical therapist.  So a physical therapy assistant is qualified to give patient care in the nature of physical therapy but is still guided b the physical therapist.

To pursue the career of a physical therapy assistant is getting an associate’s degree of an accredited physical therapist program from any university of choice.  This usually takes two years to complete wherein both coursework and training is provided by the curriculum.  It is recommended to go to school full time to finish the program in as short as two years.  The physical therapy assistant will also need to have CPR Certification.  After the associate’s degree is achieved, a licensure exam called the National Physical Therapy Exam should be taken and passed.  Some states require that a state board exam should be acquired instead so it is best to know which applies to you.

The physical therapy assistants can work in any medical facility or other work environment where a physical therapist is needed.  These areas include hospitals, rehab clinics, outpatient centers, education facilities, offices, extended care facilities, sports training facilities, private residences industrial places, and many more.  It is important to be physically fit to work as a physical therapy assistant.  This job entails long periods of standing, kneeling as well as bending while giving therapy.  Most physical therapy assistants work the standard forty-hour workweek while some facilities like the outpatient centers require evening and weekend work.

Salary of the physical therapy assistant is at $46,140 as annual average income.  Those who work in the home health care services are observed to have the highest income with yearly median earnings at $51,950.  The demand for the physical therapy assistants is increasing, as many more patients want to avail of physical therapy treatment.  Many are now aware that physical therapy can help in strengthening the body for better performance to enjoy quality life.  So if the physical therapy career interests you, then being a physical therapy assistant first will pave your way to this highly satisfying job.


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