Physical Therapist Aide Training: What You Need To Know

One way to start a career in the physical therapy is to start working as a physical therapist aide.  This is somewhat a slower process than completing a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree first before practicing as a physical therapist after schooling.  But through this path, the physical therapist is already exposed to what the work is all about and can easily decide if it is the right course to follow.  The physical therapy aide can choose to work part time and pursue further education for advancement in the field.

For a physical therapist aide to know what the tasks are in a daily basis, the training is usually given on the job. A wide range of duties is handled by the physical therapist aide within the clinic, which is geared towards allowing for the smooth flow of every physical therapy session.  The work of the physical therapist aide encompasses doing various paperwork, assisting the patients, communicating with other and monitoring of facilities and materials.  Having good attention to details, good communication skills, great team player, multitasking ability and working with less supervision are the skills looked for in a physical therapist aide.

The physical therapist aide ensures that the patients are taken cared for while they wait for their treatment to start.  It is also the duty of the aide to guarantee that the clinic is clean and the facility is prepared to welcome the patients every day.  Paperwork involves patient data recording, retrieval of medical information from the patient, family or other medical professions, insurance claims and other necessary documentation.  It is also the task of the physical therapist aide to make sure that the appropriate technician is maintaining all equipments.  Materials and supplies should also be replenished in a timely manner to make available always.

Anyone who has a high school diploma can work as a physical therapist aide.  But it is essential to note that those applicants with good grades are preferred. One of the requirements to take up physical therapy later on is intelligence and should be manifested on the high school grade already.  Those with previous exposure to hospital work are also given the advantage to be a physical therapy aide.  The experience allows for better knowledge on how the medical facilities and professions run the operation to serve the patients.  With a high GPA in high school and gaining familiarity on the job with volunteer work, the applicant can expect to be chosen as physical therapist aide.  Training will then be given by the physical therapist on the job.


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