Physical Therapist Assistant: The Easy Way To Start Your Career In PT

You want to work in the field of physical therapy but you are still quite unsure if this is your desired career. You would want to test the waters first to see if being a physical therapist is what you really want. If this is the case, have you considered starting out as a physical therapist assistant first. A physical therapist assistant will assist a physical therapist in providing PT services to patients.

You will learn many things and gain experience by being a physical therapy assistant. You will learn about illnesses, disorders and the proper way to treat them. You will help patients with exercises, training and learn how to give massages that will help restore their mobility. However, to become a physical therapist assistant, you should undergo training and get proper education. The road to becoming a physical therapist assistant will not be as easy as you think. However, there are plenty of great reasons on why this profession can be a great start in your PT career.

  • Being a physical therapist assistant gives you good job security because of the great demand for them. Because of this growing demand, the job opportunities for physical therapist assistant will increase in a rapid rate in the next five years. Another factor causing the increased job opportunities are the ongoing and new cases of developmental disorders. The aging population’s need for physical therapy is another cause too.
  • Physical therapist assistants have a wide variety of job options available. They can work in different healthcare environments like nursing clinics, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, private clinics, sports teams and many more. They can choose to work in a full-time or part-time basis.
  • Physical therapist assistants find fulfillment in their job. They care for people and help them get better. Job satisfaction is high and their confidence level increases too. Making a positive influence in someone’s life is always a huge plus for choosing a lifetime career.
  • Physical therapist assistants are a great way to start earning good money. With the big demand for physical therapy assistants, salaries will continue to increase over time. Hence, you can start saving up for your education to become a physical therapist too.

The experience you will gain from being a physical therapist assistant is tantamount to your decision in pursuing the career further or not. Nevertheless, being a physical therapist assistant is an easy way to start your career in the field of physical therapy.


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