Physical Therapy Assistant – How Much Are They Earning?

Physical therapy assistant is a healthcare profession that provides medical assistance and treatments under the supervision of a licensed physical therapist. For an individual to practice this profession, an associate degree that accredits physical therapy assistance program must be finished and completed. This is usually a two-year course. After graduating from associated degree and finished the program, the post-graduate must take the necessary licensure exam given by the State where you want to work.

The salary of a physical therapy assistant depends on the State they are practicing their profession. Nevertheless, the annual average salary of a physical therapy assistant ranges from $35,000 to $55,000 a year. Meaning, you will earning at least $3,000 to almost $5,000 a month. It is not bad after all.

The salary of a physical therapy assistant depends on many factors. If you are just starting, you may have the minimum wage. On the other hand, as you earn years of clinical experience, practice and training, your salary increases. The more skills and expertise on the field of physical therapy treatments, the more earnings you will gain.

Another factor that alters your salary is the State or country you are working. Some States offer higher wages than other does. Working in big cities may offer you with higher salary than working in rural places. In spite of this, you might want to consider the cost of living in the big city.

In addition, the facility that you are working can also modify your earnings. For instance, hospital setting provides higher salary as well as benefits than a nursing home facility. Furthermore, some employers provide more incentives according to your work performance.

You might also consider having part time jobs during the weekend. This will add to your monthly salary as a physical therapy assistant. Home health care services are offered to physical therapy assistants to assist patients who are not capable of living their homes for treatment. There are also part-time jobs in nursing home facilities during the weekends. Therefore, if you are working three times a week in a hospital, then you might consider working as part-time in a nursing care facility during the days you are not working in the hospital.

You also have the option to become a licensed physical therapist by taking a master’s degree or Doctorate Degree. This will increase your earnings per month without a doubt and provides you with more job opportunities as well.


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