Basic Requirements To Get In A Physical Therapy School

Before pursuing the career of a physical therapist, it is vital to be prepared for it beforehand.  When you decide to become a physical therapist, it should be a vocation that is started in high school.  Doing so will enable you to have the advantage in enrolling in a top school and may even qualify you for a scholarship.  To prepare for a future as a physical therapist, there are basic requirements to comply and get in a physical therapy school.

Bachelor’s Degree In A Course Related To Physical Therapy

In order to enroll in an accredited physical therapy school, an undergraduate degree should have been accomplished.  There is no exact bachelor’s degree that is required but a course that is focused on science, physiology and physics.  Some of the college degrees that an aspiring physical therapist can obtain as undergraduate course are biology, chemistry, physics or other related courses.

High Grade Point Average Or GPA In High School And College

Physical therapy is a master’s program to be pursued.  This means becoming a physical therapist needs a higher education and therefore requires high grades from high school to college.  As the competition is stiff to get into the physical therapy school, attain a minimum of 3.5 GPA.  This should be the grade when graduating from high school as well as college.

Two Letters Of Recommendations From Licensed Physical Therapists

Some schools ask for letters of recommendations from various personalities that are of higher position than the applicant for physical therapy school is.  Two of those recommendations are from licensed physical therapists where work exposure is gathered.  So at least two physical therapy clinics are worked on to be able to acquire such letters.

Be Able To Work In A Physical Therapy Clinic

Another important requirement is getting experience in a physical therapy clinic.  This can be voluntary or paid work but some schools prefer gaining exposure through volunteering.  Through this experience, one can assess if the profession of physical therapist is the right path to take.  The work involved is usually supervised under a licensed physical therapist.

Following the career of a physical therapist may be challenging.  But for those that are determined, this profession is a way to jump start a great future.  This job is one that pays significantly higher than the national average annual income and is also proving to be satisfying.  This is one of the medical professions that put in a positive outlook for both the patients and the physical therapists.


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