Physical Therapy School: Getting Accepted

Physical therapy is vital to the healthcare field today. The medical field provides treatment of injury or physical disorder through exercise or physical activities. Physical therapists are in demand because more and more people need physical rehabilitation today. Physical therapists must have the right education and training which is why earning educational degrees is necessary.

People who want to pursue a physical therapy career should look for a curriculum or program that gears toward physiology or health sciences. It is a competitive field and schools that offer physical therapy degree programs are very strict when it comes to the requirements. Even if you are able to submit all the needed requirements, this does not guarantee acceptance. To help you increase your chances in being accepted in a physical therapy degree program, here are some tips:

  • You should prepare early. You can take advances science courses in high school or do volunteer work to gain experience. This will prove that you are very interest in health science and physical fitness. Your grades in these subjects should reflect your interest too.
  • Get your Bachelor’s of Science degree majoring in pre-med, pre-PT or pre-health. You need to complete the coursework and subjects needed for you to be accepted in a physical therapy school. Your undergraduate degree is a mere pre-requisite because you can only become a physical therapist once you enter physical therapy school and earn your post-graduate degree there. You will be required to complete subjects like biology, anatomy, physiology, physics psychology and chemistry.
  • Physical therapy schools accept applicants with a high GPA or grade point average. 3.0 or over GPA is a good indication that you will put in hard work once you join their physical therapy degree program.
  • To increase your chance of acceptance, join internship or shadowing programs during the summer. Work in a physical therapy environment to gain experience. These programs are sometimes paid but often unpaid. However, you will work with physical therapists who can give you a good recommendation for your application in the physical therapy school. Three references will be required and one of which is from a physical therapist.
  • Apply in different physical therapy schools. Applying in 3-5 schools will increase your chances of getting in at least one of them. If you are really good and get accepted in more than 3 schools, you have the freedom to choose the best one.
  • If you are not accepted immediately, work as a physical therapy assistant before re-applying. This will allow you to work in a physical therapy work environment and can be added in your resume the next time you apply again.


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