Physical Therapy School – Tips In Finding A Good One

Do you currently have the yearning to become a physical therapist? Well, even if you are already working in a different profession today, you can still become a physical therapist. You should be prepared to invest at least 2-4 years of studying to become a PT Your degree is the ticket in starting your new career and you should get this from a great physical therapy school.

A physical therapy job is highly rewarding but you have to be good at what you do. In order to for this to happen, you need to undergo the appropriate training and be educated in the field of physical therapy. You can only get this from a good physical therapy degree school, which is why you should know how to choose one for yourself. Here are some tips on how to choose your physical therapy school:

  • Accreditation

The best way to be educated is to search for a physical therapy school with accreditation. Start searching in the American Physical Therapy Association website for a list of all accredited schools in the country. Why is accreditation so important in a school? An accreditation means that the schools have passed the standards of quality instruction. Not all schools will be accredited.

  • High Passing Rate

After you complete your degree, you have to take a licensure exam before you can become a practicing physical therapist. This exam is very important and the training you will get from your school will prepare you for this. Search for a school with a high passing rate for the licensure exam. A high passing rate means that the school’s physical therapy degree program will increase your chances of passing the exam with flying colors. You need a school that will prepare you for the admission exam.

  • Great Curriculum

To guarantee that you will gain complete and quality education, you must study the curriculum closely. Are the subjects complete? Is there a good mix between classroom lectures and actual application? A good curriculum will include on-the-job training by your 3rd year. This is a great way for students to gain clinical experience and work directly with patients to assist professional physical therapists.

Now that you know how to pick your physical therapy school, you are on your way to getting your physical therapy degree and starting your own career. Your education is valuable and where you are getting your education is very important.


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