Physical Therapy School: Where Will You Go?

If being a physical therapist is what you dreamed of doing then it is time to get a move on. In order to become a physical therapist, you have to get the education needed. There are different PT programs and schools to choose from which can make picking daunting tasks. However, if you know the right things to look for, this will be a short and easy process.

For those who do not want to go to college and earn a degree, they opt for a physical therapist assistant or PTA degree instead. They use this as a stepping-stone towards being a physical therapist later on. Whether you are getting a PTA degree or PT degree, here are some tips to remember when choosing your school:

  • Accreditation- The primary thing to look for in your physical therapy school is accreditation. Healthcare workers are expected to graduate from an accredited school because this signifies high quality training and education. Accreditation is only given when the school has passed the assessment and evaluation of the accreditation board. Not every school will be blessed with an accreditation.
  • Being A Physical Therapist Reputation- Pick a school with a solid reputation in physical therapy education. If you want a successful career, the school you graduate from will be a factor. Reputable PT schools always provide the best training and education for future physical therapist. They will not be popular if they did not do this.
  • Costs- You have to look at the tuition fees. Is it something you can afford? If you cannot afford the tuition but really wants to get in this school, will there be financial assistance programs that you can be a part? If the costs are too high, does the school offer online classes instead? Online courses are definitely much cheaper since you do not have to pay for facilities and personal expenses like food and travel.
  • Curriculum- It is important that you look at the program’s curriculum, subjects and coursework. There should be physiology and anatomy. There are schools that offer kinesiology and leaning about this will be good for you.
  • Treatment Techniques- You have to know what special techniques will the PT school teach you. It is an advantage if you learn about hydrotherapy and ultrasound. Each school will focus on specific techniques.

Each school will be very different which is why the decision rests on you. Weigh out your options so you can make the best decision on what PT school to go attend.


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