Physical Therapy Schools In D.C., Washington

Anyone who are interested in physical therapy has many schools to choose from. Physical therapy schools in Washington mostly offers Doctorate and Masters degree. Online education classes are now turning into more flexible to get a degree or choose a new trade skill. For now, the demand of physical therapy education in Washington surplus and once again outpacing the supply. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics physical therapy is one of the fastest growing professions and expected to grow.

Admission to many of these schools is competitive and may require a strong undergraduate record in a related field, in D.C. Washington there are two(2) university which offers physical therapy education. Namely, Howard University offers Masters (MPT) as well as George Washington University in which offers Doctorate (DPT).


Howard University

Campus Location: Washington, DC
Type of Degree: Masters (MPT) and Doctorate (DPT)
University Type: Private

Address: 516 Bryant St, NW, Washington, D.C. 20059
Phone: (202) 806-7613
Degrees Offered: Master of Physical Therapy (MPT), Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)


The George Washington University

Campus Location: D.C., Washington
Type of Degree: Doctorate (DPT)
University Type: Private

Address: Suite 6151 – 900 23rd St, NW, Washington, DC 20037
Phone: (202) 994-8237
Degree Offered: Doctor of Physical Therapy

Information about D.C. Washington:

DC played a pivotal role in the struggle for freedom and equality. District of Colombia which is the identical of the city of Washington is the capital city of United States. The federal government and tourism are the mainstays of the city’s economy, and many unions, business, professional, and nonprofit organizations are headquartered. The motto of D.C. Washington is Justitia omnibus (Justice to all).