Three Most Important Things To Look For In A Physical Therapy School

Is it that time already when you have to choose a physical therapy school? This is the biggest hurdle you will need to jump over to become a professional physical therapist so make sure you choose well. Your career as a physical therapist will be greatly affected by your education and training. It is a must that you get quality training from a physical therapy school. How do you choose the right school?

Three Important Factors In Choosing The Right School


In any physical therapy school, accreditation is the first thing you should look for. It is not for boasting around and telling people you graduated from an accredited school but it is because only accredited physical therapy programs gives you eligibility to get a certificate. Before starting your search, look for a list of accredited physical therapy schools and focus on that list. When a physical therapy school is accredited, it means that the school passed stringent requirements to become a high quality educational facility.

High Passing Rate In Licensing Exams

 Factors In Choosing The Right SchoolAnother factor to look for in a physical therapy school is the passing rate in licensing exams. When the physical therapy school has a high passing rate, this just shows the quality of instruction the school provides. Physical therapy schools that provide the best training will often be ranked high on a list of top educational facilities because of the high passing rate in the licensing exam. The licensing exam is the last hurdle to be a physical therapist. You would want to study in a school that will give you a high chance of passing the exam in just one try.

Clinical Work

Clinical coursework is the third factor to look for in a physical therapy school. Physical therapy is about hands-on application of what you have learned in the classroom. The curriculum of the physical therapy program should balance classroom education and clinical work experience. After two years of learning in the classroom, the last two years should be focused on working in medical facilities. It is very important that you work in the actual field before graduating. Moreover, a part of the licensing exam covers clinical work.

 It will be best to start looking at the website of the American Physical Therapy Association to know the accredited physical therapy schools near you. After that, it is your job to research about the physical therapy program and the passing rate for the licensing exam.


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