Tips To Get In A Good Physical Therapy School

There may be many universities with accredited physical therapy program but only a few that stood out as great schools.  Those who are aspiring to become a physical therapist should prepare themselves to be able to get into one of these great schools.  The success of being able to be accepted in a physical therapy program of a reputable educational institution is an outcome of being prepared.  Some tips are provided to ensure that being one of the physical therapy students is a sure thing.

Be Determined To Acquire Good Grades

One of the most important factors in getting in a good physical therapy school is by achieving high grades both in high school and in the bachelor’s degree.  Physical therapy is achieved through masters or doctorate course, so it is essential that the education be given focus to grab a spot in the list of accepted incoming students.  Minimum GPA or GRE is at 3.50 to be able to enter into any physical therapy program.

Gather Significant Physical Therapy Experience

One should have some experience in physical therapy already before studying formally for it.  This means that exposure to volunteering in a clinical setting as well as the community is important.  With this involvement, the school will be able to know if the applicant understands the responsibility involved in physical therapy.

Recommendation Letters From Mentors

Some schools require for letters of recommendation to assess the qualities of the applicant.  This will show the admissions department if the aspiring physical therapist possesses the characteristics as seen by previous professors, licensed physical therapists and other mentors.  The minimum number of these letters is four. So, it is better have a list of people to ask for such recommendations.

Be Ready For An Admissions Interview

Before getting in a physical therapist program, an interview is conducted.  This will demonstrate how the hopeful applicant is in communicating professionally.  Physical therapists are expected to have people skills and are basically comfortable with talking to people as the work involved is dealing with patients on a daily basis.

Many desire to be a physical therapist because of the passion to serve those who are in need.  Other than that, physical therapists are highly satisfied in their jobs and receive high income, living comfortable lives.  But there are certain requirements to get into the top physical therapy schools.  Following these tips will ensure a place in the final list of qualified incoming students in such school.


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