3 Tips for Weight Training and Keeping Fit Through Pregnancy

Years ago, women were told to avoid doing almost anything during their pregnancy and even walking was considered strenuous, thus regular exercise wasn’t even considered. Exercise, though, has today been shown to actually help both the mother and her unborn child.

Weight training during pregnancy is very effective at helping women return to their pre-pregnancy weight and fitness after giving birth, which is why you should consider it. There is evidence to support the idea that postpartum weight loss and fitness can benefit greatly from the mother exercising during her pregnancy.

Exercise can be very beneficial during pregnancy but there are certain movements and positions to avoid. You should avoid doing exercises that require you to bend from the hips and lifting weights over your head. Overhead presses should be avoided, for example, if you’re lifting weights while pregnant. Stay away from exercises that target the abdominal region, as well. Exercises where you’re lying flat on your stomach or back are also good ones to avoid. Many exercises that can be done while standing or sitting are safe to do during pregnancy, although it may sound like you can’t do anything.

Engaging in cardio and weight training while you are pregnant will also reduce the chances of you developing gestational diabetes. A healthy diet combined with regular exercise will help you minimize the amount of fat you put on during your pregnancy and will also help control your blood glucose.

Since gestational diabetes increases the risk of the onset of Type 2 diabetes, it is something you should do everything in your power to avoid. The reduction in the risk of gestational diabetes developing is a powerful reason to exercise during pregnancy, even if there are plenty of other motives to do so.

Exercising during pregnancy has many advantages, and unless there’s a specific medical reason that prevents you from doing it, you should design a program that’s suitable for you. It is the ultimate form of stress relief and carries benefits for both you and your child. Your muscles will benefit from staying active with body sculpting and weight training and you will find that back pain and joint problems are also reduced. Doctors now recommend that their pregnant patients take some form of regular exercises due to a wide range of reasons, including the ones in this article.

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