3 Weight Loss Myths That Makes Dieting Even More Unpleasant

Numerous people, at some stage of their lives have gone from point A to point B, then back again. They find the ideal diet and stick to it. In the initial stages they loose weight, come to a standstill, cheat a bit, and go on a binge that is followed by feelings of guilt.

People that go on diets and reach their goals are happy enough and stop their diet. Soon after though, they gain back the pounds and that successful feeling changes to failure once again. This does not have to happen though because if you can control your eating and keep exercising, you should be able to keep off what you have lost.

To keep a hunger drive in check is not possible. The advice is often that that you should feed yourself carefully weighed small portions to do that. These morsels will not satisfy your hunger. On the contrary they will stimulate your appetite and make you feel even hungrier. This is an instinctive feeling that cannot be controlled. Don’t try to fight the hunger pangs. Feed them so that they go away, but feed them right. Fruit, vegetables and whole grain foods can be consumed for healthy weight loss.

A second myth is that you should give up all your favorite sweet or fatty snacks completely. If you make sure you fill up on healthy foods like fruit and vegetables first, you can comfortably afford the odd treat. Don’t think you can do this too often. Now and then is okay to alleviate a craving.

The biggest myth of all is the one that states that eating fruit is like eating white sugar. Fruit contains healthy carbohydrates while refined white sugar does not. It contains the unhealthy carbs which will increase your fat content. The healthy carbs in fruit will increase your energy levels.

When trying to shed pounds and following a healthy eating plan, one often craves a chocolate bar or gooey donut. Don’t let anyone tell you that this craving will go away if you ignore it. Rather eat some fruit to alleviate the feeling. The healthy sweetness will probably take your chocolate craving away.

There are many other myths surrounding weight loss as well. Do not fall for them. Eat well, but eat right. If you are planning to go on another diet, make it your last. Eat an abundance of healthy foods so that you have no space for fattening junk.

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