A Shiatsu Massage Provides Benefits To You

One the oldest known forms of massage therapy is shiatsu massage. This specific technique was developed and refined in Japan. The roots of shiatsu massage are linked back to China over 2000 years ago. Shiatsu borrows the use of acupoints from Chinese medicine. The Japanese added the concept of energy flow through the meridian lines. Practitioners of this massage technique seek to alleviate blockages of energy flow to restore balance and harmony.

Acupressure massage is also an offshoot using acupoints. It is different from shiatsu massage and that it only concentrates on the acupressure points. Shiatsu, on the other hand, seeks to restore balance and harmony to the body using specialized movements and actions.

Shiatsu also targets relief of muscles and soft tissue areas. An invigorating type of tapping action is used to enhance blood circulation in loosening up the muscles. Also, gradual pressure is also used especially in the acupressure points. This increasing pressure uses a rhythmical movement helps to release tension.

When the body comes under pressure, it can start a chain of events which leads to muscle stiffness and tension. In ancient Oriental medicine, there is strong believf in a life force which circulates through the body. Many natural treatments are used to restore the balance of this energy in the body.

Practitioners of shiatsu are able to locate blockages of energy in the body. They then concentrate on releasing this energy to restore balance. When the energy is upset, it is believed that it is the cause of a variety of health-related problems. Shiatsu is designed to bring the body back into balance and restore health.

Many medical studies have proven that touch is an important aspect of human interaction. The touch transfers feelings of gentleness and caring. Simple touching can help heal premature infants and also help other people thrive in hopeless environments. Shiatsu follows many of the same touching principles with the application of holding.

Shiatsu involves many very subtle techniques and movements. These have evolved throughout the centuries and continue to this day. Practitioners of today use other variants of techniques in addition to the mainstream shiatsu techniques.

There is also a barefoot shiatsu version. Practitioners of the barefoot shiatsu actually walk on your back. The person is layed on a flat surface and the practitioner uses their bare feet to deliver the massage. The weight of the practitioner determines the force which can be applied to the person.

Shiatsu is been commonly used by massage practitioners around the world. It has become an alternative form of therapy under traditional medicine. It is fairly common to find shiatsu as one of the specialties of masseuses in different parts of the world.

Technology is also having an impact on shiatsu massage therapy. Massage chairs are being programmed to perform different aspects of shiatsu massage. These shiatsu massage chairs can perform many of the same elements of shiatsu. The mechanical replication of hand movements is quite extraordinary.

Although shiatsu is very relieving, it is also very invigorating. The use of rapid tapping to soothe and loosen the muscles is quite effective. The targeting of acupoints to help unblock energy seems to effectively restore the balance back to the body. The holistic approach with shiatsu massage is central to its effectiveness to relieve tension and stress.

The amazing variety of subtle relationships that combine to make shiatsu massage is very interesting. The use of acupressure points and soothing major muscle groups provides for a very effective in relieving massage. The popularity of shiatsu is a testament to its restorative potential.

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