Annual Wage Of Physical Therapist In Nursing Homes And Extended Care Facilities

If you have noticed, there are many types of physical therapists working in various industries and work settings. The salary of a physical therapist varies from each classification to another. Another determining factor of the physical therapist salary is the country or state in which they work in. Like in the United States, varying states offers different salary rate for physical therapists.

The top paying sectors for physical therapist includes management, scientific and technical consulting services. However, these top paying sectors only employ about 80 people in the United States but they can earn $95,000 to $110,000 every year.

Approximately 62,000 physical therapists work in nursing homes and extended care facilities. They do not belong in the sector of top earners for physical therapist but they can earn as much as $75,000 each year. Those who work in the home healthcare services can earn as much as $86,500 annually.

  • It is essential for a physical therapist to know where he or she wants to work because the salary may depend on the location or the various states if you are working in the US.
  • Alaska, New Jersey, Texas, Maryland and Delaware are among the top states that gives the highest salary rates for physical therapists.

Ways To Increase Salary Rate

  • Physical therapists who began their career in the entry level for physical therapist may want to continue their education, attend workshops or training courses in order to advance their career. This is another way for a physical therapist to further increase their salary rate by further accumulating more experience and skills on their respective field.
  • Some physical therapists pursue board certification in order to certify their expertise in a certain field or field of specialization. Having a certification in a certain field will surely increase your salary rate.

The salary of a physical therapist is not the sole one that you need to consider when you want to enter this field. There are some people who pursue the career of physical therapist because of the financial reasons but may later on quit their job and resort to low paying jobs because they are not happy being a physical therapist. It is important for a physical therapist to enjoy their work and is willing to provide health care services to their patients. The career in physical therapy is very high due to the obvious high average salary but the best reward as a PT is the joy you can feel when helping patients.


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