Benefit From Carpal Tunnel massage

People that have been diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome are likely very familiar with days of intense suffering from the pain it causes. As a result of the pain their everyday activities can become difficult because of the reduced motor activity of the hands and fingers. Individuals that seek professional help are using given pain medications and a supportive brace. In very sever cases surgery may be recommended in order to relieve the pain and pressure of the hand and wrist area. However, carpal tunnel exercise combined with carpal tunnel massage can be a very effective treatment with fewer side effects than surgery.

Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when the median nerve becomes compressed. By doing exercises that will strengthen the shoulder, neck, forearm and back muscles it is possible to prevent the condition from developing. People that do repetitive hand motions either for their work or hobbies are advised to take preventative measures in order to avoid the onset of this condition. Regular massage is effective at relieving any pressure that may be building as a result of the repetitive movements.

Carpal tunnel syndrome isn’t only caused by these repetitive motions. Conditions like a wrist injury, pregnancy, arthritis, obesity, and cigarette smoking can cause the median nerve to become compressed. The median nerve is critical to the operation of the thumb, the wrist, and the first three fingers on the hand. When the nerve compresses, the result can be debilitating. The pain is usually severe and a reduction in the use of the affected hand is common.

Once carpal tunnel syndrome has developed, it is important for a person to begin to treat it as early as possible in order to prevent further damage to the nerve and to relieve pain that can worsen over time. By self-administering massages to the area and by engaging in carpal tunnel exercises that stretch the local tendons and nerves, the pain of carpal tunnel can be significantly reduced and proper functioning of the nerve can be restored.

By applying what a deep type of stroking massage, those who undergo pain from carpal tunnel syndrome can discover a safe method of pain relief. With stimulating blood circulation being one of the intentions of carpal tunnel massage, long strokes that last a few seconds each should be administered throughout the forearm downward to the wrist area. A pressure that should both hurt and feel good at the same time should be applied during the strokes.

In addition to massage techniques, carpal tunnel exercises intended to strengthen shoulder, neck, back and arm muscles should also be routinely performed. Through squeezing and resisting exercises, muscles are allowed to stretch while blood flow in those areas is increased. With daily carpal tunnel exercises and massages, in just a few weeks considerable pain reduction can be felt and with continued treatment, the median nerve can actually return to its original state.

As anyone who suffers from carpal tunnel syndrome knows, the pain of this condition can be unbearable at times. While healing from it does require several interruptions during the day in order for the nerves and muscles to rest, as well as to administer massages and exercises, the relief from pain and the avoidance of complex medical procedures make carpal tunnel massage and exercises the best choice for recovering from carpal tunnel syndrome.

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