Chronic Whiplash Accident Injury Symptoms Relieved by Sherman Chiropractor

Chiropractic treatment effects how your body heals, the inflammation phase, repair phase, remodel phase. Medication alone will magnify your chances of a irreversible injury. The inflamed area will heal with decreased mobility, diminished strength and increased future pain.

Your body perceives pain from one of three factors, nerve irritation, by products of cell damage or psychogenic factors. A whiplash injury can result in all or only one of the pain stimuli. Nerve and cell destruction are physical factors the generate pain, psychogenic factors are emotional and/or mental.

Nerve damage can result from either a major accident or minor trauma. A car injury or slip and fall would include major trauma. Minor injuries occur through motions often repeated. A whiplash type of injury results from quick or sudden major traumas.

A whiplash injury typically involves three impacts from one injury. First the initial contact from the major trauma, second the internal tissue then impacts the inner anatomy, last the recoil impact. This is why a whiplash injury can cause many injuries and serious damage to internal organs other than to joints, muscles or bones can result.

Inflammation can irritate and damage the surrounding normal cells. Damaged cells increase the acidity of the surrounding cells casing irritation. Changing the pH is one of the stimulus for pain. A change in the pH level will have a negative effect on the healing fibers. The inflammation phase of healing can last up to seventy two hours past the initial trauma or as long as the stimulus creating the inflammation continues.

The second phase of healing last from seventy two hours to twelve weeks after the initial injury. The repair phase is when the new tissue replaces the old. Collagen is the healing tissue which forms during the repair phase of healing. There are several types of collagen, the new repair collagen is less mobile and not as strong as the original fibers.

Physical medicine such as chiropractic care applied during the healing phases after an injury help for normal collagen synthesis. Chiropractic physical medicine will help restore the mobility and strength of an injured joint or damaged tissue minimizing the possibility a permanent injury.

The third phase of healing is called the remodel phase. During the remodel phase the new collagen tissue that has been laid down now becomes stronger or remains weak depending on chiropractic care. Chiropractic care during the remodel phase of healing helps the new collagen tissue get stronger preventing permanent injury while increasing the strength to the area.

Physical medicine such as chiropractic helps relieve pain, increase the strength and increase the mobility of injured tissue minimizing the potential of a permanent injury. Chiropractic physical medicine applied during healing phases can increase strength and mobility preventing the likelihood of a permanent whiplash injury.

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