Common Mistakes When Trying to Use a Wrist Pillow for wrist Pain

Most people who spend a lot of time in front of a keyboard and mouse eventually experience some sort of wrist pain, though it’s not limited to just computer people – sometimes, it’ll show up from overuse injuries from golf, or tennis. While wrist pain is usually a twinge that goes away on its own, they can degenerate to acute pain or numbness that can interfere with your life.

Consulting your doctor can help. Finding the proper response and treatment for wrist pain can vary depending on what sort of injury you have; these can go from RICE protocols to surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome. However, there’s a lot you can do before you get to the point of a doctor’s consult, by using a simple pillow for your wrist.

What It Is

Simply put, a wrist pillow is any soft, molded material that acts as pillow for your wrist to rest on while you are maneuvering your computer mouse. It can be bought in online sites and offline stores offering computer accessories, often at very low prices and as an attachment to the common mouse pad. Well, of course, you will often be made to choose between three boring colors – black, blue and gray – although you may have it personalized with your company logo.

Other ways to get this kind of wrist support can be had around the house; rolling up a towel and putting it under your wrists at the keyboard can work, or you can find online videos that will walk you through the steps of a more elaborate craft project; stuffing them can be done with old socks, discarded bits of yarn or other soft pliant materials. Doing it yourself also lets you make it as colorful as you like.

What It Can Do for You

As inexpensive, easy to purchase/easy to make, and innocuous as a wrist support in the form of a small pillow is, you will enjoy many benefits from it. For one thing, your wrist will be protected from the repetitive stress injury brought by hours of pecking and clicking away on your computer. Since your wrist rests on soft gel, or other soft materials like cotton, it is angled in such a way as to minimize stress. In fact, a properly-made wrist pillow can relieve tension in this most important of body parts.

For wrist pillows tied to a mouse, they also make using the mouse more ergonomic and efficient; they keep the mouse pad from slipping all over the place. For ones under the keyboard’s lip, they do a great job of adjusting your typing posture.

In addition to these immediate benefits, your wrist pillow will help ward off medical conditions. Carpal tunnel syndrome is becoming ever more prevalent, and more common in younger people, many of whom have been typing with poor form since grade school. Prevention is much less expensive and painful than physical therapy, and wrist pillows are a great (and affordable) method of preventing injury.

Just to give an idea of how much you can save by using a cheap wrist pillow, the time and money for physical therapy typically runs a few thousand dollars and several weeks to months as you adjust your typing posture to correct for carpal tunnel syndrome.

Tom Nicholson spends his time helping carpal tunnel sufferers. You can click here to find out more regarding having asore wrist.


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