Discover Carpal Tunnel massage Based on its Principles

Carpal tunnel syndrome is an extremely painful and frustrating thing to handle and affects thousands of people everyday. The good thing to know is that CTS is not only preventable, and treatable, but also curable. In most cases CTS is treated with the use of anti-inflammatory drugs, surgery, and pain medications, there are many other ways as well that are naturally cured.

One of the first things you need to do to combat CTS is to gain knowledge the subject so you are informed. Once your informed you can make a better decision based on the knowledge that has been given to you. Relieving the pain, or try and avoid it, is the key to getting pain free.

1. You can improve everyday by stretching and exercising. 2. Quitting smoking should help with circulation and therefore, help the chance to get CTS. 3. You should stop activities that cause pain in the wrist, forearms, hands, and fingers 4. If there is one thing we want you to remember, it’s keeping the right posture when doing repetitive tasks. 5. Reduce salt intake if you have had problems in the past with retaining fluids 6. If diagnosed with CTS and required to wear a supportive brace, wear it as much as possible for good hand posture 7. Massage your hands, wrists, and forearms with a lot of force for a minimum of 20 minutes a day 8. Make sure you keep up with your daily diet. Obesity is a major cause of CTS. 9. Taking breaks more often will also give you muscles and ligaments a rest 10. Squeezing something small in your hands will strengthen the muscles in your wrists

Continuing with these daily treatments over a period of time, can effectively reduce the chance of not having to have surgery that is often prescribed for more advanced cases of CTS. Once you are diagnosed with CTS some of the suggestions listed above are good ways to help combat the pain, or even relieve it. Some are diagnosed and immediately directed for surgery however surgery is very expensive and has been known to have some long term side effects.

So many people suffer from agonizing symptoms that can make life everyday tough to handle. CTS affects as many ten percent of all adults, so you should do everything you can to prevent it. By maintaining proper health, and exercising daily, you can do your part in helping yourself stay away from CTS.

It is extremely important for anyone with CTS to become educated on how to handle and treat the side effects. Taking control of your own health is most cases are in your hands and not someone else’s. The techniques that are listed above are just a few of the hundreds or even thousands of remedies both surgical and natural. Take care of you are body the proper way and even you may be able to combat CTS.

Because carpal tunnel syndrome limits the range of motion and causes such pain and numbness in the hand and fingers, many CTS patients avoid doing exercises that may reduce their suffering because they feel unable. Tom Nicholson has read abouted a series of massage, carpal tunnel exercises that are so easy to do they can be done by anyone. Click on the link to read about easy ways to treat your CTS right in your own home.


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