Earning A Bachelor’s Degree – A Way To Become A Qualified Physical Therapist?

Earning a bachelor’s degree in certain field can open numerous opportunities in life. That is why everyone is encouraged to earn a bachelor’s degree to acquire a successful career and better life later on. If you are planning to become a professional health care provider, a bachelor’s degree is definitely a prerequisite. To become a professional and qualified physical therapist, you should first finish a 4-year undergraduate degree program in order to get admission to higher education specifically on physical therapy education program.

If you are planning to enroll in a prestigious university or school that offers physical therapy degree programs, it is important to perform well academically during your undergraduate education in order to pass their minimum grade requirements. Admissions to various physical therapy schools and programs are highly competitive today due to the increasing students who want to earn this education and become a professional physical therapist. Getting great academic records and grades on your undergraduate program can be a great advantage in order to get admission from reputable and prestigious universities that are offering the higher education you want to take.

You should also take the necessary subjects that are prerequisite to physical therapy education programs like anatomy, physiology, chemistry, physics, health education, various math subjects, and other courses related to health and medicine. To plan your education path well, you should already inquire in various universities or schools that are offering physical therapy programs so you’ll know the requirements for admission. Earning a bachelor’s degree related to behavioral science, health and medicine like psychology, clinical pathology, biology, nursing, chemistry, and even communication courses can be a good choice if you are planning to proceed to a physical therapy education program after your undergraduate degree.

After earning your bachelor’s degree, you should proceed to higher education either through a master’s degree or doctorate degree in physical therapy. There are four paths to choose from to earn a physical therapy degree after earning your bachelor’s degree. These are direct entry to master’s degree program in physical therapy, transitional master’s degree, direct entry to a doctorate degree, and transitional doctorate degree in physical therapy. Before enrolling, make sure that the regulating bodies in your country or state accredit the particular physical therapy education program you are taking. Master of Science in Physical Therapy degrees can take 2 to 3 years for completion while Doctor of Physical Therapy programs can take 3 to 4 years to complete.


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