Hip Pain? How A Physical Therapist Could Help You

The hip is a joint that consists of the pelvis and the femur or the thigh. This joint requires the support of so many ligaments to make sure that it will maintain its stability. There are a lot of muscles also that are attached around the hip, which are needed for the movement of this joint.

When it comes to hip pain, this can be attributed to a number of factors. Most of the time, you would feel some discomfort in your hip area without any reason at all. It is a common case also that the hip pain is caused by the strain the hip area receives during some physical activities or sports. And considering the fact that the hip is one of the joints in the body that bears a lot of weight, it is very common for people to suffer from arthritis of the hip. If you are constantly in agony because of the pain in your hip area, it is time that you seek the help of a professional physical therapist.

What can a physical therapist do for your hip pain?

Once you have decided to see a physical therapist, you will first be examined or evaluated. This is a very important part of the process because correct diagnosis is the key to a successful treatment or rehabilitation. You will be asked by the therapist some important information about your general health. After the interview, you will undergo an examination that may include some procedures such as:

GAIT EVALUATION – this is a kind of assessment of how you walk. Physical therapists have the ability to spot even the smallest changes in the movement of the hip while a person is walking. This is important in assessing the extent of the hip troubles you may be having.

PALPATION – this procedure involves the use of the hands to touch and feel certain abnormalities in the hip. This will also help the physical therapist know which part of your hip is painful.

RANGE OF MOTION ASSESSMENT – this is meant to see how far you can bend, straighten or rotate your hip. Your physical therapist will make use of special devices that can measure the extent of the hip movement.

STRENGTH ASSESSMENT – as there are numerous muscles surrounding the hip, it is important to know if the hip pain is actually caused by some muscle imbalance or weakness. This can be done through this procedure.

Following the initial examination, the physical therapist will be in a position to map out a plan for the treatment of your hip. Therapists would basically use ice or heat to alleviate the pain or inflammation of the hip. Your therapist will also teach you the exercises that are necessary to improve the mobility and strength of your hip.

While a physical therapist will have all the answers to your hip pain, it is still essential that you be cooperative when it comes to the hip pain treatment of rehab you are having. This is the only way that you can be free from hip pain really soon.


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