How Physical Therapy Helps People With Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Have you heard of carpal tunnel syndrome? Carpal tunnel syndrome is wrist condition but it can affect your whole arm. This condition is often a result of repetitive movements that lead to repetitive stress injuries or RSI. Using the wrist every to perform the same movements is a cause of carpal tunnel syndrome but this is not only the cause. Other diseases cause this too. Humans cannot act like robots and repetitive manual labor can take its toll on the body.

Some patients who suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome are asked to undergo surgery but this is not always necessary. Patients with CTS can consult a physical therapist and undergo physical therapy treatment instead. Physical therapy is very effective in managing the symptoms of CTS. It also relieves the pain and helps restore the normal range of motion of the wrist and arm.

A physical therapist has to diagnose the condition first through a series of test. Once diagnosed, the physical therapist will create a therapy plan that will include exercises to strengthen the ligaments in the wrist again. The exercises can be done with the physical therapist while there are exercises you will do at home. The focus of the therapy is to rehabilitate injured tissues in the wrist to make it stronger once again. Once the soft tissues regain its strength, mobility will be regained and pain will be absent.

If your carpal tunnel syndrome is really bad and surgery is needed, physical therapy will still be necessary after the surgery. This is called physical therapy rehabilitation. Physical therapy is great for post-operative recovery. Aside from the physical exercises to strengthen the muscles, scar management is an area wherein a physical therapist will help you. There will be exercises to help the skin remain supple. After surgery, the wrist will feel very weak but soon after your PT rehabilitation, your wrist and arms will be back to its original shape or even better than before.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition that should be treated immediately. Humans use their hands the whole day and if the hands are injured, productivity will be reduced. Such an injury can damage a person’s ability to perform daily activities. Physical therapy will help rehabilitate CTS and will educate patients on how to prevent injuries like this in the future as well. Physical therapists will always have your best interest at heart so do not hesitate on approaching one for therapy.


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