How Physical Therapy Improves Gross and Fine Motor Skills

Not everyone is born with a complete functioning body. Some are more unfortunate than others are and they are born with certain health conditions. Children with mental or physical disabilities or difficulties have a hard time doing daily activities because their movements are limited. The problem becomes worse when they grow up and they cannot do every day activities alone. These children need to gain independence and physical therapy can help them. Physical therapy will help improve their quality of life when it comes to physical movements and motions.

If your child has a health condition, which limits his or her ability to move, physical therapy is needed in your child’s life. Physical therapy is also known as physiotherapy. It focuses on improving the gross motor skills, fine motor skills, endurance, strength, balance and coordination. What are gross motor skills? These skills include activities that the larger muscles of the body do. Activities such as walking, running, jumping, crawling are some of the gross motor activities. Fine motor skills use the smaller muscle groups in the body. Activities like writing, holding a pen, picking up something are fine motor skills.

As you can see, improving these skills is crucial to the ability of your child to perform everyday tasks. Physical therapy provides an early treatment so your child can start breaking his limitations and reach optimum range of movement. If you think about it, you cannot care for your child forever and hiring nurses to attend to him for the rest of his life will be very expensive. Teaching your child that he can live independently by performing basic daily activities will benefit him in the end.

Physical therapy uses exercises to develop muscle strength, balance and coordination. The physical body needs to be trained so it can get used to doing a certain activity. The therapy is about training the muscles and allowing it to be comfortable in doing such activities. The physical therapist will evaluate your child closely to assess the muscle and joint functions, mobility, strength, endurance, fine and gross motor skills as well as the condition of the heart and lungs. Proper assessment is needed to make a specific treatment plan for your child.

Physical therapists help your child from infancy to their early adult years. They will help your child to be in the best shape possible despite his health condition. Physical therapy also encourages the support of family members. The family has a big role in the improvement of the patient.


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