Injured? Could A Physical Therapist Help You?

Whether you are an athlete or just an ordinary person, the last thing you would want to have is an injury that may lead to any form of physical impairment or disability. The sad part, however, is the fact that accidents happen to anyone at anytime and anywhere. What’s worse is that these accidents could have effects that are too devastating for the victim. It is during these situations that people are definitely in need of professional physical therapists to help them recover and get back their strength and ability to do their daily tasks.

Who are prone to physical injuries?

In general, it can be said that those people who engage in any physically demanding activities are very prone to being physically injured. Athletes are amongst the most commonly injured individuals, mainly because of the physical demands of most sporting activities. There are certain factors that are known to be the primary causes of sports injuries. Among these are inadequate warm up exercises, inappropriate training methods as well as poor body conditioning.

What can physical therapists do for inured athletes?

In coping with various types of physical injuries, physical rehabilitation is without a doubt necessary. Physical therapists are trained to help injured people regain strength as well as their ability to independently move the parts of their bodies. Aside from this, a physical therapist also has knowledge about various pain management techniques to help patients feel more comfortable during the entire rehabilitation process.

Physical therapists undergo in depth training in terms of post injury rehabilitation and recovery. As part of the rehabilitation or physical therapy program, a therapist may teach various kinds of exercises, stretching activities as well as the use of modern and specialized equipment designed for specific types of injuries.

Depending on the type and extent of the injury, a physical rehabilitation program may last a couple of months to even a year. It is the duty of a therapist to assess first how severe the injury is and how capable the body may be to accept various rehabilitation activities. It is for this reason that injured athletes, or any individual for that matter, is advised to see a physical therapist right after a surgery.

After the physical therapist examines the condition of the injury and the patient’s body, he or she will need to come up with a plan of physical rehabilitation. A lot of things need to be considered in this respect, and in it is ideal that the patient gets involved in this planning stage. But of course, the therapist will be the one to decide what exercises and activities the rehab program will involve.

Every stage of the therapy has a purpose. Physical therapists will be monitoring the patient’s progress to determine how effective the program is for the recuperation of the injured individual. The good thing about having a physical therapist after an injury is that the patient will have a goal, which is to complete the program within a set period. Physical therapists will also recommend some exercises that a patient needs to do regularly even after the rehab program to ensure the complete recovery from the injury.


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