Is A Career In Physical Therapy Profitable Enough? How Much Are They Earning?

A physical therapist plays a very important role in the healthcare industry. They are the ones who treat physical difficulties and bring back the range of motion of a patient. This physical difficulty can be caused by a health condition, debilitating disease, injury or post-surgical condition. Physical therapists are the experts to regain physical movement, flexibility and functions.

In a world where the aging population is growing in number, more physical therapists are needed. As the bones, muscles and joints of older people weaken, they are in need of physical therapy treatments. Older people are susceptible to injuries, joint pain and accidental falls. With the weaker physical body, they need physical therapy to make them stronger. Hence, there is a growing demand for physical therapists all around the world.

It is said that there will be a 30% increase in the demand for physical therapists. This begs the question; will a career in physical therapy profitable? Consequently, if there is a high demand for a specific job, employers should be prepared to pay higher. Right now, physical therapists are earning good money and if the demand continues to increase, physical therapists can expect increase in salary over the coming years too.

One of the reasons why a physical therapist job is attractive is because of the high salary. In the U.S., the average salary of a physical therapist is $55,000 to $75,000 a year. This will equate to around $35 or $45 per hour of work. Of course, many factors will affect a physical therapist’s salary. The employer, the location, the experience of the physical therapy and the educational attainment can increase the pay.

Aside from this amount of pay, physical therapists can earn more. How can it happen? If a patient is very happy with the performance of the physical therapist, patients will be willing to pay more than what is asked of them. In addition, a physical therapist can accept private visits or patient calls despite working in a company. This sideline job can earn him a good $10,000 to $20,000 a year too.

Now, a physical therapist can choose to work on his own by having his own private clinic. This is a great way to earn all of the profits and dictate the rates. Working for a healthcare company will help build a physical therapist’s name. After that, the physical therapist can set-up their private practice. Physical therapists earn a lot of money with their private clinics.


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